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Birth Injuries

This page represents only a partial listing of some of the wonderful results achieved by our firm for our clients. For additional information please contact us.

Cerebral Palsy - $13 MILLION

In this matter the infant sustained a cerebral palsy injury during the childbirth process as a result of the obstetrician’s failure to perform a timely C-section and the baby being deprived of oxygen.  
The total settlement amounted to over thirteen ($13,000,000) dollars. This included payment of immediate money as well as the purchase of a lifetime annuity that provided for increasing amounts of money to be paid to the infant over the course of her lifetime and 6 future lump-sum payments. 

Erb's Palsy - $7 MILLION

Excessive pressure applied during childbirth caused Erb’s Palsy injury to infant resulting in nerve damage and shortening of the arm. The Med Law team achieved a settlement with a lifetime value of over seven million ($7,000,000) dollars. This settlement included payment of immediate monies and the purchase of a lifetime annuity for the infant which provided monthly payments increasing yearly over the infant’s life and 8 guaranteed future lump-sum payments. 

Erb's Palsy - $4.9 MILLION

As a result of a failure to recognize the need for a C-section, the infant sustained an Erb’s Palsy injury to her arm. A settlement with a lifetime value of $4,910,337 was achieved which included a lifetime annuity with monthly payments beginning at age 18 and increasing annually for life, as well as 6 guaranteed future lump sum payments.

Failure to Perform timely C-Section Causes Infant Plaintiff to Sustain Cerebral Palsy - $4.75 MILLION Settlement with a value of $24 MILLION

Failure to timely perform a C-Section to deliver this infant results in oxygen loss and brain damage to the newborn. Bonina and Bonina, P.C. asserted that an emergency C-Section should have been performed given that there was both a face presentation and thick meconium present during labor, and that the fetal heart decelerations should have clearly indicated fetal distress. The 4.75 million dollar settlement included an annuity with lifetime payments which, in the event that the infant lived a normal life expectancy, would result in a total award of over $24,000,000.00 tax free to the infant.

Failure to timely perform C-Section causes infant to sustain Cerebral Palsy - $4.25 MILLION settlement with a value of $28 MILLION

Failure to recognize and address fetal distress and a dropping fetal heart rate caused this infant to sustain a Severe Hypoxic Ischemic Insult prenatally, resulting in cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. The medlaw team obtained a $4.25 million dollar settlement that included a lifetime annuity that, in the event that the infant lives a normal life expectancy, would result in a total settlement package of over $28,000,000.00 tax free.

Failure to Perform Cerclage Causes Infant Plaintiff to Sustain Cerebral Palsy - $4.1 MILLION

Failure to perform a cerclage on a mother with a history of an incompetent cervix result in a severely premature delivery and the infant sustaining cerebral palsy with mental and physical disabilities. The $4,100,000.00 settlement included an annuity with lifetime payouts valued at over $12,000,000.00 tax free.

Delay in performing C-Section - Cerebral Palsy - $3.75 MILLION

Failure on the part of delivery staff to properly monitor labor and to recognize fetal distress resulted in meconium aspiration and in the infant plaintiff sustaining cerebral palsy. $3.75 million settlement

Improper Intubation - Brain Damage - $3.5 MILLION

A $3.5 Million Settlement was achieved on behalf of a 37 year old man who sustained brain damage as the result of improper intubation in an emergency room.

Inadequate Post Operative Monitoring - Brain Damage - $2.95 MILLION

Inadequate post operative monitoring of a child after cardiac surgery causes seizures, brain damage and cardiac arrest to infant plaintiff. Bonina and Bonina, P.C. argued that the respiratory and cardiac arrest resulted from defendant's failure to properly intubate the infant and to properly monitor his oxygenation following the improper intubation. As a result, the child suffered significant and permanent brain damage for which he continues to receive therapies today. $2.95 Million settlement, which includes an annuity and provided for tax benefits that increased the gross overall value of the settlement proceeds to approximately $9,000,000.00.

Erb's Palsy - $1.4 MILLION

In this matter the law firm of Bonina & Bonina was able to achieve a settlement on behalf of an infant whose arm was injured as a result of excessive force being used during the childbirth process, with a lifetime value of over $1.4 million.

Cerebral Palsy - $1 MILLION

A young man sustained a cerebral palsy injury as a result of errors by his mother’s obstetricians during her pre-natal care. As a result he had spasticity in his leg and developmental delays. A one million ($1,000,000) dollar settlement was achieved, even though the plaintiff had gone on to college and was achieving good grades.

Failure to recognize the need for Cesarean Section - Erb's Palsy - $1 MILLION

The physicians and hospital caring for a gestational diabetic failed to estimate fetal weight, failed to properly manage shoulder dystocia, and failed to perform a cesarian section despite knowing the mother had a history of giving birth to large babies and had been in labor for over 20 hours. The infant sustained a severe erb's palsy, including arm shortening, winging and an inability to use the hand on her affected arm. $1,000,000.00 Settlement

Failure to recognize the need for C-Section - Erb's Palsy- $975,000

The delivering physician failed to perform a C-section, which was indicated here due to cephalo-pelvic disproportion/ fetal pelvic disproportion, and arrest of labor. The infant sustained a severe erb's palsy which required nerve grafting surgery. $975,000.00 Settlement

Failure to Timely Perform a C-Section and Negligent Uterine Suturing - $950,000

Failure to timely perform a C-Section and negligent performance of B Lynch suturing results in uterine necrosis, abscess, and the necessity for a total abdominal hysterectomy to a young woman. $950,000.0 settlement

Failure to perform a C-Section - Erb's Palsy to infant - $625,000

Failure to recognize shoulder dystocia and failure to perform a C-section to deliver an infant weighing over 11 lbs results in Erb's Palsy necessitating ongoing physical therapy and surgery.

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