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Motorcycle Accidents

New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

When a car or truck driver fails to see a motorcycle or fails to respect the motorcyclist's right to the roadway, the resulting accident can cause terrible injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, talk to the personal injury attorneys at the Bonina & Bonina law firm in Brooklyn, New York.

Most motorcyclists are safety-conscious, but even the most careful driver can be injured in a motorcycle accident. At our personal injury law firm, we help motorcycle accident victims with their personal injury claims.

  • First, the investigation: Getting the facts is especially important in a motorcycle crash. Our attorneys are trained in accident investigation. We review police reports, interview witnesses and, when necessary, hire accident reconstruction experts. The sooner we investigate, the better the evidence will be.
  • Know your rights: You cannot be blamed for your injuries just because you were riding a motorcycle. If someone causes you harm, you have a right to make a claim against that person or entity. Talk to a personal injury lawyer at Bonina & Bonina about your rights.
  • The settlement you need: If you were injured while riding a motorbike or motorcycle, you may have medical needs well into the future. Road burns and multiple fractures require time and money for recovery. We will talk with you and your doctors to determine your medical expenses, wage losses and other expenses.

From our offices across from the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn, we are ready to hear the story of your motorcycle accident injury, explain your options, and help you decide what actions you should take. The consultation is free. At Bonina & Bonina, we come to work every day believing that there should be equal justice for all.

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